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For a brief moment, there was no future.

00:00 He is frozen weightless in midair. Everything is moving around him, but time seems to stand still. As long as it lasts, he doesn’t worry about a thing. When there is no future, there is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing is unknown. He knows gravity will soon pull him back, but he doesn’t think of it. He closes his eyes 00:01 as he starts to descent. He still feels weightless when his bare feet touch the ground and use the momentum to keep moving. Movement has always been awkward, as if he was not sure what the next step would entail. But as he dances now, it seems so natural. He is simultaneously 00:12 aware of the movement and unconscious of making it. There are dozens of people around, but they are all a blur. He moves like a hurricane through the still air. The music is loud 00:19 and disorienting, yet he knows exactly where he is. Where he should be. His fears are replaced with a smile. Nobody can see 00:32 it. This is how it should feel. This is how it should have been. Could it still be? It doesn’t matter because 00:37 for a brief moment, there is no future. There is only now, and it is as good as it could ever be. He runs in circles, 00:38 jumps again, trying to take in another shot of weightlessness. His arms and legs 00:46 seem to have a mind of their own, and 00:51 yet they are in perfect harmony. He recognizes the cue. The music is about to end. He wants 00:58 to hold on to this feeling. To 00:59 capture it and relive it tomorrow, 01:00 and the next day, and 01:01 ever after. But for now, there is 01:02 still no future, and at the same time, there is so much of it. And he is 01:03 perfect.

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